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The Bachelor

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The Bachelor

Post by joecool on January 19th 2014, 11:52 am

I categorically deny that I have ever seen an episode of The Bachelor, now closing in on two decades as a show. Honest. However, you may have seen a headline concerning one of the recent bachelors, where he described the gay lifestyle as perverted. It came during an interview where he was asked about the possibility of putting homosexuals on the show. Of course, he was attacked by parent ABC and the usual professional victims. He put out the standard apology, saying that he has lots of gay friends. (reminds me of people who get attacked for having so-called racist attitudes..."hey, some of my friends are black")

Anyway, along with all the recent hand-wringing over Duck Dynasty, is this the new tactic of the gay lobby? Whether the target stands for his conviction or folds like a wet noodle, his answer gets widespread media coverage as they continue to push the gay agenda into ever-increasing areas. Is there a leader anywhere that draws a line in the sand? How about Vladimir Putin's recent Olympics-related comment: Gays are welcome to enjoy their time here, but we ask them to leave our children alone. Ouch! That left a mark.

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Re: The Bachelor

Post by ccm2361 on January 19th 2014, 8:54 pm

I haven't seen it either. But then I haven't seen anything as I haven't watched tv in a about 3 1/2 years  Cool 

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Re: The Bachelor

Post by RRCmdrBennett on January 19th 2014, 11:20 pm

Even though I watch only a few select shows on tv I caught that headline about the gay flap. They make this point about the Bachelor not having a minority bachelor or bachelorettes making it out to be racist too. The ones competing are chosen based on the Bachelor or Bachelorette's preference. If they're white and state in the application they prefer white, asain, or Hispanic why would they give them an Indian or black?  

The point is it is a network tv show that lives or dies on ratings. Most people don't want to see 1 top pursuing 6 bottoms.  I know some might not mind lesbians or bi women going after other girls/guys. Even many who tolerate LGBT's don't want to see them kissing. 

It'll never fly well. If they do it it'll be the one token LGBT episode. You know every show since the '80s has had one on tolerance. 

I don't get too much into the romance shows. They get these people to exotic locales doing things they would not normally be doing. Emotions run high and they think they're ready for real marriage. Marriage isn't kayaking, canoeing, snorkling, etcetera.  You do that stuff on your honeymoon...

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Re: The Bachelor

Post by Sponsored content

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