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Expedition TracClub

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Expedition TracClub

Post by strods on September 2nd 2013, 10:59 pm

I'm trying to do what Custard should have... use scouts.
Anyone actually purchase the ER TracClub? And if so is there more developed merit plans, ie similar to the DR/AR?

Not specifically for this year but unless I have quitters, next year I will have 2 Master Rangers ready for ER as they finish their GMA (I'll explain in another post) and I'm trying to determine if I should buy the trail or not.

I have the paper copy of the Spirit Challenges and the old handbook, and I can get the merit requirements from the Nat'l Merit Index. Aside from the ER Leadership merits, I'm curious what is there.
If I buy the trail but still have to look up the answers and a lot of material to teach the merits, I'm not seeing the point.
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Re: Expedition TracClub

Post by Phillip Gross on September 2nd 2013, 11:28 pm

I'm curious too and will be needing to make the same decision before too long as well. I may be forced to regardless because I don't have any "old" material on the shelf.
Phillip Gross
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Re: Expedition TracClub

Post by RRCmdrBennett on September 3rd 2013, 12:34 am

I've have the ER track. Yes and no to merit reference guides. The 3 core silvers I believe have 5 lesson plans and of course the sky blue leadership has weekend and 5 week plans. None of the elective skill merits have answer keys. It was admitted at my NTC they never finished the ER Achievement trail under Marriott cause its the lowest chartered group. Why did they create a separate trail for GMA's to do if they never intended to complete it. I give thanks to Doug's team for AT LEAST completing the ER program when they revamped it. I still prefer to remove the ER trail and spread GMA between AR and ER. The JB program wasn't broke don't fix it. Oh have mentioned a hundred times how I hate the ER trail...Not Working 

I say if you can get all the pdf silver merits from Royal Rangers dot com don't bother with ER track. You can use Gold Leadership merits from AR track to get boys to E3. The only reason is in Philip's case he doesn't have a hardcopy of the Spirit Challenges.

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Re: Expedition TracClub

Post by Sponsored content

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